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Saturday, December 31, 2011

One little word 2012

I have been stalking all the blogs (too many to mention) for years now.  I finally have mustered up the courage to start my own little blog.  This truly is a big step for me.....but I want to Thank Jodie from jodielejeune.blogspot.com I clicked on her blog and couldn't stop reading and then her post dated April 13, 2010 ( 2010 my friends) on starting a new blog 101 spoke to me. I mean really spoke to me....

Those of you who stalk and lurk your favorite blogs and long to be part of this beautiful family of {crazy} friends.
Those of you who think..."wow, I'd love to share my inspiration and let others know that I love what they share too."
Those of you who may be scared to stick your foot out there and leave a comment...
It's time I write this post is for you!

I'm shaking as I type but I'm jumping into the blog world!  I have chosen my "one little word" for 2012 and it's  BEGIN

So I'll begin with starting this blog!  I hope to share, receive, learn, teach, and everything else with as many as I can....So here I go!!!