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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Booties...you just gotta love'em!

Here's what I've been doing lately!  Yep, I have become Geppetto!!

Just looking at these little booties makes me cry with happiness.  My daughter (3rd in line) is preggo with her first child & is expecting to have a little girl.  We're all soooo excited!  So I used the wonderful patterns from Precious Patterns http://www.preciouspatterns.etsy.com.  I love all the patterns & I'm a loyal customer of theirs (I'm sure I'm not the only one lol).

All the booties are 4" inches so tiny & cute. The one above is called the Mary Jane, this one below is so cute & sassy it's called Baby Shoe with Ruffled Ribbon - LOVE!!

Don't you love the little cherries?

Oh & look at these Rit dyed burp clothes & onesies I made so I can applique some of the other patterns Sara & Mary have. 

The patterns are easy to follow & make. So if you can check out Precious Patterns & let Sara & Mary Ayres I sent you!

Whaddya gonna do? Ok now just because we craft, sew, crochet, paint you name it.  We can all still uhm make mistakes right??  Even simple ones right???  Look at this beautiful pair of booties called Simple Mary Janes with Ribbon Ties.....

ok now look at this angle....still cute

can you see my stupid mistake (it's ok I can call myself that, hey sometimes I am lol)...

that's right.......I put the wrong sole on the wrong shoe!!!!! OMG Whaddya gonna do? lol

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bungalow Bling Giveaway

Just wanted to say that over at the Bungalow Bling, Shell, is having a giving away for one of her fantastic faux cakes! Head on over http://bungalowbling.blogspot.com and join the giveaway where you can have up to 3 chances to win.  Good Luck (crossing my fingers I win lol)!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Previous Parties

Ok, now I told you how I didn't get any good pictures at last weekend's party.  Well here are a few pictures of the fabulous work Jessica from Pen and Paper Flowers  http://penandpaperflowers.blogspot.com did and a little shoutout to my niece Michelle who was my photographer because of course I started to take pictures and got what??? That's right SIDETRACKED!!! This was my Grandson's 8th Nerf Gun Birthday Party in May 2011. So much fun!

Now do see that pinata above it really was a Go Diego Pinata but the colors were perfect for a color scheme & theme  so I just used one of the patterned papers she made for me, cut it in a large circle & whala - a custom Nerf Gun Party Pinata!

I have another party Butterfly Kisses & Birthday Wishes, Jessica did for me which also came out lovely, that I'll show later on but in the meantime if you need or want some fabulous Party Printables go visit Jessica http://penandpaperflowers.blogspot.com/ tell her Susan sent you!  She can pull out what you have imagined & make it real.  Nothing but love!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Elisa's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party

Saturday we celebrated my Granddaughter's 2nd Birthday Mickey Mouse Clubhouse style.  Along with watching the Houston Texans playing in the playoffs!!!  As usual I was running around and got sidetracked without taking pictures before people started coming.  But I managed to get a few.

The above picture is the Balloon Wreath I made, which I loved.  It was full & just what I wanted.  Below are the Felt Favor Bags that I made following this tutorial from Kalleen from http://atsecondstreet.blogspot.com  I tweaked some parts, like making the boys bags with mickey mouse pants  http://atsecondstreet.blogspot.com/2010/04/minnie-party-how-tos-part-1.html she had some great ideas.
Here are the Felt Mickey Mouse Headband Ears that I made (Thanks to my Poo who helped me finish these.  Thanks Stacie!!).  Everyone loved these and we used them to take photos of the guests during the party and then passed them out to all the kids.  I followed this tutorial from The Suburban Mom blog http://www.thesuburbanmom.com/2010/06/16/how-to-make-mickey-minnie-mouse-ears-for-a-party/ again tweaking just a bit!
Now here's where I started getting busy & sidetracked

this is just one of the Custom Party Printables I got from Jessica Kirkland with Pen and Paper Flowers http://penandpaperflowers.blogspot.com/.  Now because I'm me (sometimes organized sometimes not hahaha) and I can't be everywhere & do everything but still try.  I didn't get any pictures of the rest of the printables ugh!!!  They were awesome!!!  And I'm ashamed I didn't do Jessica justice.  Maybe tomorrow I'll post some pictures of other parties that I have done with Jessica's fabulous work. Hold me to it!!

Now in future posts this is where I'll post my keeping it real details........

Whaddya gonna do? Ok so the day before the party I'm scrambling around getting things ready, doing daily household chores, washing etc & going 60 miles a minute.  I'm thinking my granddaughter sure is being good, quiet, playing with her toys, well I came out of the laundry room and see her doing this!!!

And telling me "I no do it , shrugging her shoulders!! Ya, whaddya gonna do??

Monday, January 2, 2012

Seeing RED!

Ok so in a matter of days we are having a birthday party for one of my granddaughters.  A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party for the little 2 year old. So I am starting the decorating now so I won't be all crazy the day before or on that day to be exact.  Here's a little bit of what's to come....


Ok this is a cheap way to change my little kitchen, I can't get rid of that 1970's look (just yet, but soon, very soon) just for a party but I like it.  Can you guess what I used???  That's right WRAPPING PAPER!!!! I got it from Hobby Lobby, with a 70% discount.  I love it!!  I think I'll keep it up all the way through the end of February.  Yes, I have Valentines in my head already, hahaha.  My husband said "You and the crafts stores don't take a break, you go from one holiday to another" We sure do, Honey, we sure do!

more to come......